Adventure Kennels Complaint


Buyer Beware! MY fiance and I purchased a great dane from Michelle Koenig with Adventure Kennels out of Huntsville TX formerly in Pasadena Tx. She was advertised for almost 3k however bc she was older (6 months) Mrs. Koenig agreed to lesser amount. We drove 2 hours to pick up our new family member, we got there and she had 2 great Danes in an office along with our puppy . She claims they were the parents and had pictures and plaques on her walls from previous dogs she sold that have won shows etc.. we signed a contract and when it came to the AKC paperwork she said there was a hiccup with the parents as they were younger than she normally liked to breed them and she was still finalizing their papers. She wrote on our contract AKC papers are pending and will be mailed. She even told me to send her pics when we got home and to keep up with her how the puppy did in our home. I complied as soon as we got home I sent her a thank you with a picture of our kids and new puppy. She never responded thought that was weird but no big deal. 2 months went by with no papers, I called no answer text no reply. Again didn’t think anything thought she may be on vacation. Called again a few weeks later nothing, text and emaild nothing. I then started calling once a week with a text and email. Still no response. Googled them and saw bad reviews people with this same problem. I consulted an attorney and was told to send a certified letter before he gets involved. I did that she SIGNED FOR IT still no response. That was in August. I was being very fair in my letter I asked for partial refund since as a non papered Great DANE we should not have paid what we paid or my AKC papers. I have no intentions of giving our puppy up nor do I plan on breeding, but the fact she cashed my check and has not held up to her side of the bargain. We are now pursuing legal action however I hope I can help anyone who may be looking for a great dane. Her dogs are beautiful but she is a conscious artist.

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