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To whom this may concern, Last night my mother and I went to the Glen Gary spur and had terrible service. I have never been so disrespected, we got to the spur around 18:40 and were seated and ordered our drinks when our drinks arrived 5 minutes later we ordered our food. Around 19:10 we start asking other waiters to call our our waiter because we’ve now been waiting almost 30 minutes and our food hasn’t arrived, we see the lady calling our waiter Hilda and she looks at is and walks the other way disregarding is completely. My mother who is a diabetic and extremely hungry at this point the gets up and walks over to her asking what’s happening and that she should bring the bill if she doesn’t want to serve us, Hilda doesn’t apologize or explain and just says she’ll send someone with the bill which she didn’t even do. I then called the manager at 19:27 asking him to please call get us the bill as we want to leave we hungry and have been waiting for our food for 40 minutes, he goes and checks and come back advising our order was placed only at 19:20. I dont know if this is the type of service your company finds acceptable but I am disgusted that some would treat customers like this I am still in shock and yet to receive an apology.

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