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Sat Nov 11th around 4:15pm at the East Brunswick Square Mall in NJ. My daughter purchased a shirt two days prior with a friend. The friend had the receipt and she couldn”t reach her to get a hold of her email or receipt but wanted a bigger shirt size. It was on sale for $5 and we found the bigger size at the store we purchased it from. I was told that the policy is that a receipt is needed but I told the manager Kelly, we only wanted to exchange and it was only $5. Kelly told me “that”s not my problem”. I told her to stop being sassy and reminded her that I was the customer. I also told her that I am sure headquarters wouldn”t appreciate her treating customers in such a rude and disrespectful manner. Eventually she did the exchange but you might want to consider providing training for your workers and managers. I have held many managerial positions in retail and never have I treated or was trained to treat a customer so disrespectfully.

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