Affordable Quality Lighting Complaint


Affordable Quality lighting is a fraud. I was scammed and researched them in preparation for my lawsuit. –Real owner George Kalta indicted by the FBI. (Google George Kalta FBI to see for yourself). -His nephew Hanni Michael Hanna worked for him and started his own company doing the same scam (see, and now -says they are a manufacturer and made in USA –reality they are an internet sales co that buys cheap Chinese products from an importer in LA (I have the name). -Had 79 BBB complaints and a terrible reputation so they changed their name from to and now to, each time to start with a new reputation. -Every customer has to sign a 3 page FAXED contract after you pay for the sole purpose of taking away your rights to dispute credit card charges or sue. That”s right in the Internet age– you must have access to a fax machine to order from Affordable Quality Lighting. -created fake website to make them look good. (And to bad mouth his nephew”s competing scam). -Affordable Quality Lighting spends ALL their money on Goggle Ad Words to get you to buy– no money left over–like a PONZI SCHEME. No money left for service, quality, returns or anything–that”s why a highly advertised co hangs up on you, swears at you and never refunds or allows returns. -Says member of all these associations and shows all these badges on their website–all fake. I called first one listed, American Lighting Association and they said Affordable quality lighting is not a member. Affordable says “we never said we are members of those associations, the website says “you can judge people by who they associate with”, then listed many associations. It doesn”t say Affordable Quality Lighting is a member or affiliated with them.” How deceiving, and fraudulent. -Testimonials–fake -Lifetime warranty –worthless–read terms and conditions CAREFULLY — covers essentially nothing. Entire terms are double talk. -Building photoshopped to look twice as big and removed all their warnings signs. Real building is small, has barbed wire, fencing surrounding entire building, cameras and big signs all over it saying “smile your on CAMERA” to keep all the unhappy local customers away. -Been in business 1 year 3 months as affordable quality lighting, more if you include the 3 different names — but not even close to 34 years. -If wish someone had told me. I assumed because they were always listed first in Paid Ad Words that they must be legitimate–after all who would go thru all that trouble for a scam operation–boy was I wrong. All the FBI WARNING, SCAM ALERT and strange sales tactics should have clued me in that there was something wrong with this co… -Don”t believe me? Do your own research, Google affordable quality lighting or George Kalta, read their own terms and conditions. Call and ask why you need a fax machine to order, look-up contractors choice lighting in, buy one item first as a sample (oh forgot–they won”t sell you less than $100 orders). How Google or the Gov”t allows this company to go on is unbelievable.

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