AFS Loan Modification Corp Complaint


Charged me over $2200.00. Did nothing. I finally had to call my mortgage company myself, who offered me a “forebearance” program, where i pay more than my monthly paymen that i couldn”t afford before for three months, and then maybe they will modify my loan. Got ahold of AFS for a refund, and they said that they got me the “forebearance” and that there is nothing they can do. They say they performed, but they did nothing but take my money, at a time when I didn”t need to get ripped off, i needed to be helped. I hope they all get what is coming to them. The players are a “lawyer” named: Michael M Yellin, 10940 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1600 Los Angeles, CA 90024 Phone: [protected] and two other guys named Brady Benham and Alfredo Rivera. They are all in this scam together. They seem like nice people while they are drawing from your account, but then they just kind of fade away, then they don”t answer the phones anymore. I just found The lawyer “Yellin” today, and he”s saying that they performed for me, which is a crock of [censored]. If they are so proud of their service, why aren”t they answering their phones? They”ll all get what they deserve. Personally, I”m filing a complaint with the US Attorney General”s office. They are being very pro-active about dealing with this type of scam. Notice: all opinions offered are my personal opinions, and not necessarily fact, but they sure seem like it…

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