AFTAB Media Group aka AWWTV Complaint


Armann Qadir aka Armann Habib (operating under the business name AFTAB Media Group) and his staff scammed my business out of thousands of dollars. We entered into an agreement with them to print marketing materials and provide a 6 person team to distribute 10, 000 pieces. As soon as we made the initial installment, they started stalling and passing me along to the next guy. The constant excuse was, “I”m going out of town tomorrow so you”ll work w/ Mo, Mike, etc. etc.” Mohammad aka “Mo” is Armann”s younger brother (pictured below). They never followed through with the printed materials or services promised. They took our money and additional marketing materials without so much as a glance back (knowing the whole time that they weren”t going to use them!) Armann is a fast talker and will promise you the world. He”ll tell you he”s worked with every big business he can think of, but none of them are legit deals. The store-front doesn”t even have the address number or any business name listed. I”ve filed complaints with the BBB, State Attorney General and the Alameda County Consumer Protection Agency. Please do the same if they”ve scammed you. These guys deserve to be locked up!

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