Agency Financial Services Review


This company sells Fusion Trader. It’s a investment software. They claim you need only 20 minutes twice a week to place some trades. An online demonstration looks impressive. Once you have paid, you get some training but then the trouble starts. The software finds lots of trades but most of them are useless. Finding the right ones takes hours. Some days there is nothing to trade at all. All help I get is: You need probably more training… After three month, with only a few dollars gained, I decided to ask my money back. (They offer a 6 month moneyback guarantee). Their reply: The guarantee is only valid as long as you do not log-in into Fusion Trader… This is more than a rippoff, this is fraud! Be aware of this company. At this current rate, with the amount of money I have made made so far, it will take me at least two years to get my money back! Agency Financial Services claims that there are no limits when placing a bet. In my experience every bookmaker has maximum stake limits. They vary depending on the type and popualrity of a certain game. Agency Financial Services tells me, the limits are only for the fist couple of bets and they have never problems with low limits… Spending more money on a trade becomes difficoult if you don’t know the bookmaker limits. You might be lucky with two bookmakers who accept your bet but the third one might refuse it, leaving you exposed with a potential of money loss. They promise a lot but you are on your own once you made your payment and only after that you find out what is actually working and what is not!

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