AHS – American Home Shield MONTGOMERY Alabama Review


Call ASH on 6-3-10 to tell them my Air was out. I was told someone would be out the same day. The AC man they sent did not show up until 6-5-10, and did not know what he was doing. He told us it was a fuse that was out so he went to buy the fuse. Well when you came back he said that was not what was wrong with the AC. He then told us that it was the compress. So he told us he order the part. ASH told us we would have to pay this man $150. to take the old part away we inform ASH that we had someone that would take the part away. So after that the AC man said they had order the wrong part, and they did not have the part after all and that he was trying to find the part.He also said he was on the phone with one part place and they had the on the computer but when the man went to look for the part it was not their. I then told him when you have parts on a computer, and use them the business would put that into the computer so they can order more parts. This was 6-8-10 and the heat in Montgomery have been in the 90’s. So we call AHS to try and find out if the AC man had call and told them that he was not able to find the part, or that the part was no longer being made they told us no. So we call the AC man back and was told they was telling us a lie. So on 6–10-10 we call Mr.Dave Crawford office, and talk to Mathew and he told us he would find out what was going on he have not had a call from Mathew, or when we call ASH they say we have to get all the information from Mathew. I ask can you tell me what his hrs. is I was told no. Mathew don’t seem to be in a hurry to get our AC fix it now been 3 week without AC. I like to see them live in a house with out AC for 3 weeks. ASH need to tell the truth and Jimmy AC,& Heating also need to tell us the truth. We not can’t get no one on the phone about our AC. So I know this is a Ripoff! That is what is going on in Montgomery,Alabama

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