Air Academy Federal Credit Union Review


Look this company up on bbb you will find just some of the things they are doing to me. The details below do not even start to cover what they have done with this loan! | This credit union was assigned to me by woodmen nissan of colorado springs | aafcu has held my auto loan from 2016 to current. They repoed my vehicle last year saying I had no proof of insurance when I left the auto dealership lot, copy of my contract says I had esurance..they repeatedly say I have no proof of auto insurance charge me up 4k for cpi..forced protection insurance, refund a portion of it then add the rest to the end of contract, they redid contract and increased my premiums, then when auto debit only covered set premiums charged me late fees of up to 400.00 dollars. | on a conference call with aafcu who said she was the only person to help me with the many unusual discrepancies on the payment invoice she could not explain why the payments i am making are being split up she could not explain why the paperwork sent to me has a different start loan amount why they charged the loan for cpi for a year why they repoed my vehicle in 2018 when all payments auto debit early and never missed and they have had the loan since 2016 and on and on and on this has turned into a predatory loan I have filed a complaint with the colorado attorney general’s office I have retained an attorney. At the very least they have unethical unprofessional very questionable loan practices! I am also contacting ceo glen strebe, all media outlets, I believe the public needs to be aware and informed.


Name: Air Academy Federal Credit Union

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Colorado Springs

Address: P.O. Box 62910

Phone: 719.593.8600


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