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I would like to share a recent experience with Air Berlin and American Airlines that demonstrates extreme unprofessionalism, violation of TSA security policies, and violation of privacy. If there is any wonder why the recent Fort Lauderdale shooting occurred, this will be a nice illustration. I was scheduled to fly from Prague to Berlin , and from Berlin to Chicago on Air Berlin on January 5, 2016. I arrived at the airport at 5 AM. Upon check-in in Prague, I received a ticket and went through security. However, the security informed me that the ticket was under the wrong date. When I returned to the kiosk, the woman (who later refused to give me her name) stated that the ticket is indeed for the 6th, and stated that I should return the next day. I double checked with her that this is the case multiple times, and showed her my confirmation email. She responded: u201cthere is no problem, the ticket is on the 6th, you will fly tomorrowu201d. Because Iu2019m generally very cautious, I asked her to double check a third time before I went home. At this time, she realized that she checked me in as the wrong person and gave me that personu2019s ticket. Incidentally, this other person was my mom, who was scheduled to fly on the 6th. She has the same last name, but absolutely different first and middle names. By the time the agent figured out that she made a major error, it was 40 minutes before plane departure. She got very scared (unsurprising, as she committed a major security violation), and stated u201cthere is no problem, I will fix it and rebook youu201d. I asked for a supervisor, and requested that they rebook me for the next day, given that my luggage was checked in also under my momu2019s name, and I could see that this was going to create major problems. The supervisor told me off. When I asked for confirmation that they did not also manage to mess up my momu2019s ticket, she rudely told me off. Both she and the gate agent flat out refused to take responsibility for their actions, stating that u201ceveryone makes mistakesu201d (true, but some mistakes have more consequences than others) and u201csecurity is not their jobu201d (What????? Yes, it is). Ultimately, I barely made it through security. I got to the gate as the plane was ready to close. (remember that I got to the airport 1.5 hours in advance, and was so late only due to the mistakes of your associates). I asked the gate agent about my bag, and she assured me that she changed the reservation to reflect my name (didnu2019t happen), and that the bag was on the plane (it wasnu2019t). The experience in TXL was as follows. The boarding process by AB is disorganized, with multiple checkpoints that donu2019t u201ctalku201d to each other. The plane sat on the tarmac for 2 hours after boarding, as AB desperately tried to find and load missing bags (ineffectively). Upon arriving to Chicago, I realized that my bag did not arrive. When I tried to find an agent to help me, there were no AB representatives in baggage claim. I was able to find an AA representative. This representative stated that AB was not his airline, and tracking their baggage was not really his job. I talked him into scanning my AB ticket, and he stated the baggage is in Berlin (it was not), and that it will arrive tomorrow. At no point did he ask me to fill out a claim u2013 a major violation of AA protocol. Please note that multiple individuals lost their luggage and were asking this man for advises; I did not see him ask anyone to fill out a claim. Notably, my bag was NOT in Berlin, it was still in Prague. I was lucky that my mom was flying the morning after me; she saw the bag and told the gate agents it was mine. Through her efforts (and only hers), I received the bag on January 6, 2016. Finally, I was concerned about the privacy and security violation that the Prague gate agent displayed. I attempted to speak to multiple AB representatives about this, and no one appeared to be very interested or concerned. As one example, I spoke to an AB gate agent at OHare on January 6,2016, when I was trying to find out something about my luggage. The gate agent once again stated that u201csecurity is not their jobu201d, and u201ceveryone makes mistakes u2013 havenu2019t you ever made a mistake?u201d The lack of attention to safety and privacy and the absolute failure to take responsibility by the AB or AA crew and staff should be shown to the public, and the public can make safe travel decisions accordingly.

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