My home warranty company Old Republic sent Air it Cool to my home to repair my air conditioner. | Air it Cool did not follow Old Republic’s policy and then proceeded to submit fraudulent documentation to Old Republic. | Air it Cool charged me $2000 to fix my ac which they invoiced me for several parts and 2 cleaning items. | When they submitted documentation to Old Republic they told them it was all cleaning and no parts. | I would never agree to pay $2000 to clean my air handler as you can buy a brand new one for less. | They were at my home for less than 30 minutes and used my garden hose to clean a few items which is the incorrect way to clean an ac unit. In addition, 30 minutes is not enough time to do all of the cleaning they stated they did. | 1. Told us that the warranty company would not cover anything on our unit because it was too dirty and he would need to submit photos . Told me I needed to read the small print. | 2. Told me that several parts were needed and that he had to go to Tampa to get them and see if they were even available since it was an older unit. | 3. He did not submit anything to warranty company as he is required to before he does any work. | 4. Warranty company attempted to make contact with him for two weeks before they responded to them and only finally submitted information to them once I called them and they knew I was questioning the charges. | 5. When he submitted to warranty company it was very vague and only had a few cleaning items no parts and charged Old Republic $75 only for service call. | 6. After I sent the warranty company a copy of the invoice that he gave me that listed several parts to be replaced and very little cleaning they contacted him again for verification. My invoice is not mostly cleaning charges, it’s parts. He submitted false information to the warranty co. | 7. When he responded back second time he stated they did deep cleaning on several items costing $1500. | 8. Air condition board only there for 30 minutes cleaning. There was no way that they clean all of those items. In addition they cleaned parts using my garden hoses, which is not supposed to be used. A special cleaning solution is to be used. | 9. we did not authorize $1500 for cleaning. We paid $2000 for parts and labor to fix the a/c and he offered to clean it at the same time. | 10. Was supposed to contact warranty company before any work was done to receive an authorization from them. | 11. Was not authorized to take any money over $500 on one invoice according to warranty company. | 12. Stated in the paperwork he sent the warranty company that he cleaned the ducts which he did not, which also was never discussed with me. | 13. Each time he submitted information to the warranty company the amount of cleaning grew in size telling me that he’s making it up as he goes. | 14. Trusted him because warranty company sent him if I found him on Internet and you give me that pricing I would’ve gotten more quotes. | 15. Warranty[GG1] company has told me that they feel that the numbers are high and excessive. They also feel he is not being honest. | 16. I have asked to be called back by the warranty company’s contractor relations several times and yet have not received any calls. I was told they are the ones that handle refunds penalizing the contract. | 17. Was pressured by technician to replace the complete unit for $5000.00, which would be faster and easier for him. When they returned to replace the parts, they were only there for 30-40 minutes total.



Country: United States

State: Florida



Phone: 813-681-2477


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