AJ Autos 1511 Cobb Dr. Marrietta GA


AJ Autos 1511 Cobb Dr. Marrietta Georgia Auto Buyer Marrietta Georgia!!. I purchase a vehicle from AJ autos on Febuary 2, 2019 I gave them a down payment of $2000.00 at the time of purchase and recieved the vehicle. After having the vehicle for only two weeks they started calling me on Febuary 14, 2019 at least 6 time a day telling me the deal was retracted by the finance company and I need to return the vehicle. That was on Feb 14. I explain to them that I had to work everyday that week but I would try and bring the vehicle in On Wednesday which was Feb 17 if I could get the day off. They agreed. Even after that I still was recieving harrassing phone calls from Chris who works for the Dealership to bring the vehicle back immediatly or there going to come take it from my place of employment leaving me with out a vehicle to get home. I again explain to Chris that I had already made arraingement to bring the vehicle in. After a series of more calls and threats and harrassment to bring the vehicle back on and before the day I returned it, I ask Chris will they return my deposit of 2000 they assured me they would refund my money in full. Needless to say when I got to the dealership they ran out meeting me as I got out the car yelling “no no Mr. B, its been a big Misunderstanding you can keep the vehicle” At this point after being harrassed and driving a hour to get them there car back, plus taking a day off work losing money I was completely done. I told them no I did not want to keep the car after the threats and harrassment from them and that I had already made arraingments to purchase another vehicle. Well they took the car back and after all that they kept $1500.00 of my $2000.00 I put down for my down payment.

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