AKDY FAYETTEVILLE North Carolina Review


This company provides the worst customer service. I ordered a range hood for my new kitchen and they sent the wrong item, for which I paid $299 for and I had to pay for the item to be shipped back. This cost me an additional $170.77. I would have eventually got a refund for the range hood because I sent it back the next day, but now I’m out of an additional $170.77. This company stated that they would not refund my shipping. I think if a company sends the wrong item out, that company should be willing to cover the shipping. I am very disappointed because, I’ve waited so long to remodel my home and I had more than one problem with the Vendors at Amazon. EVERYONE, make sure you check out the return policy or you may be the next victim on this scam. They jack up your order and then make you pay to ship their items back.

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