Akshay Zine


Akshay Zine is a scammer who sends messages to entrepreneurs, influencers, and celebrities on Instagram. He promises to provide press articles and social media services and takes demands to advance money from the victim.

Once he receives the money, he refuses to reply and never gives the promised services. A similar incident happened with Luke Lintz of HighKey Agency. They were promised a few articles from Akshay, and he demanded $3.2k for the articles, which were sent to him immediately. Though after sending the amount, he took months but never provided the articles nor the refund was done. Not just Luke, but several other influencers and entrepreneurs such as Craig Davis (CEOGamble) from Atlanta, Georgia have been scammed by Akshay Zine. Craig Davis paid $2500 to Akshay for an article to be done but never heard from Akshay since then.

Alyssa Rispoli, a young realtor and an entrepreneur paid Akshay, $320 for two articles to be done but she never received them, and he also stopped replying her.

Country India
State Maharashtra
City Mumbai
Address Kandivali East
Phone 91 766 696 7268

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