AKZ Management Janine Moshen Zargar White plains New York


Complaint: Apparently Janine and Zargar’s own employees hate them the most . Nobody wants to take the fall for these two money hungry, lying cheat in lowlives.A new crop of complaints have sprung up which have the powers that be ready to launch investigations which will nail these cons. There is no shortage witnesses ready to testify, no way to cover up the thousands of frauds committed by Janine and Moshen Zargar.The only unanswered question for the victims is who will get Sherwood Manor and what will become of “blond on fire Janine”” after Moshen dumps her and heads to Iran to avoid prosecution.May you both rot in hell for what unkind and despicable things u have done to trusting victims”

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 174 Grand Street White Plains, New York United States of America



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