Alabama Board Of Nursing


The Alabama board of pharmacy is just a farce. When you report actually bad neglect medical people like NP. Who refuses to give your medicine that you need because the office manager Traci at perferred medical group acts like the Doctor who is in charge. They get the patient upset. The NP refused to override the old medicine prescription because the pharmacy didnít fill the most expensive first.

Traci kept on arguing and getting us frustrated. Medicaid told us that the NP can override the computer to give me a new prescription. The call got disconnected some how. Over the coming weeks we texted and texted the office would never text back.

Then Traci said called and some reason my prescriptions wasnít being approved when I called them into the pharmacy. She said Iím not a patient anymore because I was upset, but only after they caused me to get upset.

Now the Board of nursing says their isnít enough evidence to do anything to the NP & closed the complaint. This angers me so much. Patients or employees canít get justice in the state of Alabama.

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