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Alabama Home Renovations, LLC was hired to do a home renovation for me. The Contractor came out and inspected the work needing to be done and gave me a timetable of 2 weeks for the work to be completed. I had a contract written up and we both signed it. We purchased the materials that the contractor said would be needed. Work began July 10th 2019 the Crew worked for one week then did not show up for a week when they did come back it was for 2 days. Work came to a halt we contacted the contractor who gave us the excuse his truck was stolen but he would be back in a week. Next week he came out but only worked a few hours then left This time his excuse was he was sick. Another week went by then another This was becoming a routine for him finallly he showed up for work. We discussed what work was left with contractor who kept assuring us that the work would be done in “2 weeks”. by this time it had been 6 weeks with a lot of work left to be done. We consantly had to call or text the contractor to find out if he was going to work and when. We explained that the work had to be done and quickly due to our financial situation and again we were assured it would get done. All along we believed and relied on this contractor and thought he was really going to do a good job for us but as we began to look at his work we found very bad craftmanship. We had another contractor look at the work that was done and he agreed with us that it was very poor quality. It was very obvious he did not know what he was doing and he was trying to cut corners. When we bagan to question him he said he was “helping us” by doing our house and he felt like he wasn’t charging us enough for what he was doing. We became anxious to get this house finished so we offered the contractor a bonus to finish by August 31st. Needless to say the work was not completed and we are left with a house unfinished. All the work the contractor did do is now having to be re done because it wasn’t done right to begin with. He left uneven trim work, closet doors that were hung uneven, the walls were painted without sanding the sheetrock, He put up plastic gutters that look cheap and do not do a good job, Hung kitchen cabinets to high for anyone to reach and did not hang them evenly. The outside of the house he painted but left over spray and bare areas that now we have to go back and re paint really there are so many things wrong with the work he did it’s hard to list. I would not recommend this contractor to anyone and i wish we had never used him.

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