Alamo rental car at LOS ANGLES INTL AIRPORT


Alamo rental car at LOS ANGLES INTL AIRPORT Charged pre-existing damage that I did not do. Dallas Texas!!. After working hard at a low wages for almost 10years and we were able to save enough money for our first 1 week Vacation in California. We bought the airline ticket and reserved the car rental at Alamo 6 months before our departure. We are so excited and looking forward to our 1 week vacation along with our 2 children. We waited and waiedt…Finally, the day has came and we were in Los Angeles at around 12:00a.m , we then rushed into the Alamo car rental and try to get the car. We then checked in at the car rental counter and the person there told us to go to the parking and pick out any car we want. So, we just picked the small size sedan nissan. The car looks still wet, it looks like it just has been washed. We then drove to the gate and checked out the car. While driving to the gate, my wife told me that “Her friend at work, recomended to check for the car damages before check out the car’. So, I decided to do what my wife told me. We stopped at the gate and I got out the car and try to check for any car damage, it was dark and very hard to see. Howver, I was still able to spot – two pre-existing scractches, one is small located on the rear bumper at the lower left (on the driver side) if looking at from back of the car, and another is very large and very easy to see, it located above the rear wheel (on the passenger side) if looking at from the back of the car. I pointed out to the car attendent and she looked at it and just said “You don’t have to worry. Any scratches under 6 inches. You are ok”. So, we just drove away and never thought of that – After a week, we returned the car. When we returned the car, the car rental officer went around and checked the car (It looks like she looks at the scratch but she seems to ignored it liked she already know that it is ok) and after that – She just gave the receipt and she said “Everything is ok”. So, we went home. A few days later, we received a letter stated that we have to pay for that damages. So, I wrote the letter back and asked for what damages and I also mentioned to them there are two scratches that I saw and was told I don’t have to worry about it. I also asked them – Why didn’t the car rental officer did not file a claim against me at the time I returned the car, and have me sign the paper before letting me go ? A few days latter, I received a second letter from them stated that I am responsible for the damages along with the picture of the same exact scratch that I have reported to them when I checked out the car, and there is no answer to my questions. FIRST, DON’T RENT ANY CAR FROM THIS ALAMO COMPANY. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. SECOND, I WILL NOT PAY FOR ANY DAMAGES THAT I DID NOT DO. This practice mus be STOP. Search this site for how many cases similar to this type of scam.

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