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*****CONSUMER ALERT****** ALARMFORCE IS AN AWFUL COMPANY with VERY limited service locations (only about 13 cities in the entire United States) and poor customer service. Alarmforce is based in Canada. I agree will all of the previous complaints about this company. The equipment is “dollar store” quality, damages surfaces when removed, and the battery runs out within months. My husband is an educator and a USAF Reservist and I am a [protected]@-home mom. My husband got this service to protect his family while he was working. In his haste, I don’t think he vetted this company at all prior to signing up. Even so, after almost a year with ALARMFORCE, the school my husband worked at was closed, leaving him without a job. My husband quickly found another job, but it was in another state (from Georgia to Michigan). Not thinking there would be a problem, we called them so they could monitor our new place. At which time, we were informed that Alarmforce does not offer service in Michigan. Hmmm, Michigan is a lot closer to Canada than Georgia, but ok. So, they tell us that since WE wish to cancel the contract, we are still responsible for the balance of the contract. No, that was not our intention, but since you all don’t offer service where we now live, there has to be another option? No, ma’am, please return the equipment and you owe us $754.65 US dollars plus the amount of the equipment if you do not return it. So, after going round and round with a CSA who treated me like I was the village idiot, it was agreed that we would pay 60% of the contract and return the equipment. I returned the equipment, at least most of it. The sensors they installed on the doors must have been installed using some kind of space age adhesive because we could not get them off and my husband is a big strong guy). The equipment we were able to remove damaged the wall. All in all, I think if was 3 pieces we didn’t return because we just couldn’t get them off, but they charged us $267 for the equipment! Anyway, so I’m paying the amount agreed upon and I reach my last $55.96 payment when I get another bill for $250+. I call to see what the heck happened and I was told that because I didn’t pay the entire amount in a lump some payment, the money (averaging $50/mo) I was paying, was only going toward monthly monitoring fees ($27.95)? Um, so why has the balance been decreasing every month up until I received this bill a few days ago? ALARMFORCE is playing games at my expense and I don’t appreciate it. So if you like to be given the run around, to be spoken to like an idiot, to be relived of your money for substandard service/equipment, to be stuck with a company with EXTREMELY limited coverage, by all means, choose Alarmforce. All I can say is that this is another money hungry company that does REALLY bad shady business! Hopefully, they will go out of business and save us all some headache!

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