Alcon Review


BEWARE: Alcon Dailies Rebate is a scam. Read the fine print and then call repeatedly if you ever hope to see your money! Good luck….because Rachel, the customer service rep, was too well prepared with reasons why they weren’t paying. | I filed for our daughter, as a first time contact user and in the fine print on-line there are two restrictions, one being that the rebate must be filed within 60 days. Despite that the on-line form takes all your information and confirms receipt, but you never receive any notification of issues. | – I called back today and got a VERY WELL-PREPARED script of why thay aren’t paying. How was I to see this limitation without logging on is beyond me. | – I’m filing a complaint also through Sam’s Club who should be aware of what type of supplier they have. | Overall, I feel most sorry for my daughter who was planning on using this $200 and I’m now looking at how to avoid using Dailies again for either my daughter or myself ever again.


Name: Alcon

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Fort Worth

Address: 6201 South Freeway

Phone: 800 862 5266


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