Alex Ulitsky of Buy Rite Auto Sales is a Scammer!


Alex Ulitsky of Buy Rite Auto Sales is a Scammer! Alex Ulitsky is Unethical and Unprofessional. Tryed to rip me off! Tryed to sell me pills and fake Rolex watch. Fort Lauderdale, Florida!!. This man claims to sell Classic Cars, but it appears he will sell ANYTHING out of his business. I did not find the car I was interested in at his business, so he asked me if I wanted to buy a Rolex watch, and asked if I needed any “Pills”. I have no idea what he was refering to as far as pills and did not ask. He was asking 15,500 for the watch and it appeared to be a fine piece. I was interested because I am somewhat familar with Rolex, so I told him I needed to have it looked at to verify that it is not a fake. He suddenly became extremely angry and hostile toward me, and told me to get the F out of his business. He acted like he was reaching for a gun with his hand in his pocket. This man or boy is unstable, immature and NOT professional at all. Obviously the watch was fake and he tryed to rip me off. Stay away from this man. He nothing but a punk with an attitude trying to look like some kind of tough guy in my opinion. All I can say is he’s lucky he didn’t lay his hands on me. How he stays in business is beyond me. Plus, all of the so called “Classic Cars” are not original at all. No parts match up and the overall condition of the cars are poor to fair. If you are looking for something truly original, and an HONEST person to deal with stay away from this place.

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