Alexandria Lakota Whitford Young – Disgusting, illiterate slore who gives BJs in cars Oregon


This is Alex’s mug shot after she threw a hissy fit when the man she liked got married. She threatened his new pregnant wife and wouldn’t stop making phone calls and sending threatening texts. This disgusting slore has slept with half of Grants Pass and most of Cave Juncion. Her dad left because he was so embarrassed of his slore daughter. She pretends to be friends with women to get closer to their boyfriends and husbands. Her “thing” is giving BJs in her car then going home and kissing her son with that floozy mouth. She has no girlfriends. Wonder why? Also, she’s a terrible excuse for a hairdresser, just check her Yelp reviews Stay away from this crazy DRD mouthed floozy if you don’t want crazy in your life!

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