Alfredo Rivera Heating and Air Conditioning Review


Alfredo Rivera had done some minor repairs on our home heating oil burner after being recommended by someone at my wife’s work location. Following year, oil burner failed, Alfredo was called back and he said the whole unit needed replacement. The oil burner was20 plus years old so we believed him. We provided a check for $3500 for a new unit to be purchased. Alfredo ( tall, Hispanic, diabetic) took the money and later admitted that he spent the money for his own personal use. No refund, no restitution. Alfredo indicated he planned to move to Alabama. Beware. Do not employ this individual in any capacity.


Name: Alfredo Rivera Heating and Air Conditioning

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Allentown

Address: 801 South Filmore Street

Phone: (484) 764-0566


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