Algorithm House, Inc.


The owners of Algorithm House, David Inwald and Katie Brown, contracted with me to provide a functioning website and app within 8 months for a fee of $50,000. Three years later, I have no functioning website or app. A paid programming consultant verified that from day one this project didn’t follow standard business practices. The choice of an antiquated language, inadequate stacks, no wireframes, and questionable practices for correcting problems resulted in a site that would never work. | The site I contracted for is worthless if it doesn’t function. Katie Brown promised to provided AI and Data Analytics which were never even outlined let alone developed. Katie and David missed every deadline they themselves set. And when problems were corrected new ones always arose due to David’s inadequate use of using branches to make corrections. | They hold themselves out to be professionals with lots of experience. Yet every company Algorithm House have contracted with has failed. They also practice deception and lying. In my case, they told me the programming was more valuable than my investment and worst case scenerio, the programming could be sold to recoup my investment. They even brought in a patent attorney, Mr. Kohn (aka Mr. con) who told me David’s and Katie’s contributions were so valuable I needed multiple patents to protect the content. | All of these people will take your money and make no effort to deliver of a viable product. This has been proven because I offered to have them keep all of their “Valuable” programming and the work that was done in return for all or a good portion of my money. This offer was refused showing they know their contribution was worth nothing. | In the agreement they put in no money and the $50,000, is supposed to go toward the advancement of the keep in mind I put in all of the money and most of the time. Yet all of the money went straight to their pockets. I personally paid for some of David’s wedding. Do not deal with these scammers.

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