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My story is a little different, My Hell begin on 5/07/13 that’s when I found out that my husband of 15 years had been flirting and talking with another woman he worked with via cell phone and texting apps, I could not see the texts but I could see her number. It was over 2 hours worth of texts between the both of them may I add she worked 1st shift and he was on second shift . I did what any other wife would do I asked my husband to be completely honest with me and of course he starts telling me how they are just friends. I did not believe that for one minute so I told him if they were just friends then he needed to call her and let me speak with her as to why she was talking to my husband when her job had nothing to do with his, and her on a completely different shift. He calls her and tells her that I need to speak with her about why they were texting and she proceeds to tell me that I am not an employee there and more or less itís none of my business. So I hung up the phone and I could tell that my husband was real uneasy so I told him he only has one more try to tell me the truth or I was leaving. He finally told me that they had been texting inappropriately for a month and that he had not slept with her. I then decided I would call her back and let her know my husband had Balls enough to tell me the truth and she would not say a word so I cussed her out. || I guess about six months later I wanted to hear her side so I called her and this time she talked to me and told me it was nothing and that they were just fooling around. I told her that I did not appreciate the fact that she knew he was married and has even met me, Hell she’s married too, she also told me that she had not slept with him and that she was really sorry. I still don’t know if that’s all it was or not. The moral to the story Ladies, if you feel anything off in your marriage or you feel it in your gut I am hear to tell you to listen to it! Like I said I don’t know if I got all the truth or not but she also told me they had been talking to each other for a year and my husband says 3 months. I know I will probably never get the real truth. All I can do is pray what my husband tells me was the truth. My husband left the job he was at and she left her husband 9 months later for another guy that she worked with. If that tells you the kind of person she is, I like to refer to her as The Plant Whore! I like to think I caught my husband before anything could have gotten any further. Please ladies pay close attention to your marriage all the signs are there right in front of you!

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