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All American Ford H D/ Pluckett STOLE MY COMMISSION HACKENSACK New Jersey!!. I was hired by All American Ford to sell cars in their new car dealership. All American Ford does not train their employees at all no training at all. They put you on the floor to sell cars without any manager training. I sold a 2017 ford explorer for $27,554.00 on 8/13/2018 all cash with no training. My first cars sale i was at the dealership for 3 days. Once again no training accept for shadowing a another sales person for 2 days. So they refuse to tell me what theY pay for the 2017 used car, they create and atmosphere of extreme pressure. I was in a meeting the next day after i sold the 2017 ford exploree where i was made fun of. i went to a supervisor to complain he actually join in Pluckett. This place is very un Professional and they are crooks. I am looking to get paid for my 2017 ford explorer sale to John Doe ETC…. Looking for Relief. Auth Rep (C). I 207

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