All American Motorcycles Review


I brought my 2006 Harley davidson road king custom in for an estimate to All American Custom on July 12 th and was told that it would go up on the rack on July 15th and would be called with an estimate and I left 200 dollars as a deposit.. when I got home. I noticed that the deposit receipt was not in the name of the company and went back to get a regular one and they used the proper stationary but did not give me a copy because they said they were out of ink and I actually let them get away with that…I was not called about an estimate on july 15 th and went in and was told that it would take another week and I waited and nothing happened… i went in july 23rd and took my bike and asked for the deposit and did not get it and gave them a week to get it and when I called, they said they ordered parts which i did not give permission for and they were going to charge me storage… | My bike was left outide during the day in a questionable area without it being locked and there was bird droppings and large waterspots on it. It was not take proper care of and I removed and now Stevie D. is being a liar about the deposit…. of 200 dollars this shop is dirty, the owner Stevei D. is a pot head and dishonest and rude and told me that if I take him to court that he would wind up charging me for storage and some work that he said he did.. | i signed a deposit slip and did not take a copy of it and there no way to know if he has altered it for his own benefit… | these people are rip-offs and dishonest and rude…. and very much veteran unfriendly…. | beau gerard


Name: All American Motorcycles

Country: Australia

State: Australian Capital Territory

City: Ringwood

Address: 6 Olive Grove

Phone: 03 9879 3322


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