All American Rebuilds, LLC. Review


This company is an all out fraud. Signed a 20k+ contract to rebuild the interior of my home. Kyle Kotch the owner, is as dishonest as they come. Tells you all his company can do and backs out at the last minute by switching the contract on you. I thought he would help me as the condition of my home was in bad shape after it had gone through extensive mold remediation. He saw the condition of my home and what needed to be done in order to make my house whole again. He told me that his company was highly professional and said I would be in good hands if I chose to contract with him – that was until I signed the contract. | He lied about many things. I asked him to pull a permit which he agreed. He couldn’t pull it and lied about it telling me I told him I wanted to save money. This was an outward lie. They said they were licensed but only have a business license. He is NOT a contractor nor do they have any licenses. | Kyle told me he had a team of people who’d be working on my home to move the job along. For the duration of the job, there was one person that came to work on my home. His so-called “rebuild specialist” Scott. He didn’t have the “team” he said he did. The job that was supposed to be completed in 3-5 weeks. It took 2 months and it still wasn’t completed. The quality of work and attention to detail was seriously lacking. Not only were the jobs not completed, they were done in such a haphazard and careless manner, everyone that came to my home noticed. | Kyle told me as a courtesy to his customers, he would supply a/c filters and would change them regularly to help keep the dust from entering my air handler. He never did. When I asked about it, he denied ever promising me to do that. I wound up buying them myself and changing them every other day. I wasn’t living in my home. I asked Scott if he could mind changing them for me but when I checked, it was never done as he said he forgot. I had to come out of my way after work to do it myself. They did not provide that courtesy even though he said he would. | After the drywall was completed, he moved onto other repairs. In a bathroom, he repaired a sub floor and tub support. While doing so, Scott put nails through my newly installed roof. When the inspector came, he noticed it and my roof didn’t pass inspection. Scott lied up, down and sideways saying he didn’t do it. He tried to cover it up by placing blame on the roofers that installed my new roof and other people who had worked on my home. Nobody else I hired had used nails. My roofers had to come and make the repair. And so the lies continued. | Then he proceeded to put in new tile in the same bathroom. It turned out to be a disaster. The tiles were crooked, uneven and lacked any conformity. He blamed my house telling me my home had significant defects and structural issues and the walls and floors were crooked. He said in order to “get it right” I need to gut the entire bathroom and rebuild it for 6-7k. I had several contractors come in to give me their opinion. They all told me it was a simple job and he was not skilled to handle a tile job. He also promised he would re-grout it in an effort to make it look better. He never did. | Kyle and Scott insulted my home telling me it had so many problems, even telling me gleefully “how sorry they were for me” and basically suggesting that I sell my home. That’s why I called them, to help me fix and repair things. After all, they bill themselved “rebuild experts”. As the work progressed, I realized they weren’t qualified to fix a toaster. | If they didn’t have so much of the money I paid up front, I would’ve fired them. I was in a bind and wanted my house done so I could move back in but deciding to keep them on to finish was the worst decision and that I regret everyday. | Besides being incompetent at providing quality work, they were unprofessional and deceitful. | They pulled bait and switch tactics. Each time he would start on a new job, he would “uncover” things and tell me they had to increase the price. If I didn’t agree to it, they wouldn’t credit me for not completing the job I had already paid for. | Kyle would make changes to the contract at will by telling Scott not to work on or complete a job I was already paying for. In addition, I was charged fees for “inconveniencing them and delaying the job”. Then towards the end of the job, I was told that if I wanted the fees reversed, I could give them a positive review of the company on Google. It was a shake down. I never experienced this kind of treatment with any other company but then again, this isn’t the behavior of a legitimate, experienced, reliable, or professional company. | Scott called me constantly at work everyday to tell me how bad things were with my house. I began to have anxiety, which I never had before, causing me to lose sleep. I believe that he deliberately caused me stress and enjoyed seeing my reaction. | One day, I had my ductwork changed on a day Scott was working. I previously asked him if it would be a problem to have them there. Scott called me the next day at work to give detailed accounts of what the workers were doing and how messy and inadequate their work was. He would send pictures to my phone and tell me what a horrible job they were doing. He complained that they were causing him an allergic reaction from the mess they caused and had to leave for the day. Scott pressured me to call the owner of the a/c company and told him that Scott was having problems working in my home. His reaction to everything was so over the top and unprofessional. The a/c company sent a crew to thoroughly clean up and set two air scrubbers to try to help the situation. | The next day Scott came back to work. He was still complaining about his skin. Soon after, he called to tell me he got locked in my garage because the door broke. I believe (but can’t prove) he deliberately broke the garage door. He said he called Kyle to come and get him out. Not only did I have to buy a new garage door but the next day I was sent a large invoice for “inconvenience and delay fees” I supposedly caused. | The day after that incident, Scott called me at work to pressure me to call the a/c company to “make them pay” for his “skin problems” that he said they caused. He told me what to say and how to say it, almost coaching me how to get money from them. I started to believe there was something seriously wrong with this guy. The a/c contractor went out of his way to try and help resolve the issues. Scott was relentless in his efforts to try and get additional money from me and my a/c contractor. On many occasions, it was Scott who delayed the job by not showing up or leaving early from the job causing lost time. He always had excuses and he rarely stuck to the hours that were outlined in the contract. | He’d bother me at work consistently by pressuring me to make quick decisions on things I paid for, such as recessed lighting, but had to give up because there was a wall that needed repairs and it would take too long for him to do. He used pressure tactics to get me to agree to things that I didn’t want. He also constantly brought up how many nice things they provided to me as “freebies”. Whatever they thought these freebies were, it was nothing compared to what I paid for and didn’t get. | If I didn’t like something, Scott became defensive and irate at times, raising his voice at me. He was a master of spinning and twisting the truth. He often made out like I was being irrational and expecting too much. They both treated me as if I had no say in what was going on in my own home. | I don’t know any contractor or anyone who would show such disrespect to a homeowner, especially one who gave them a very big job. Ungrateful is an understatement. | After 2 months of aggravation and my house still in chaos, enough was enough. They came to finish up on a Saturday although there was still much to complete. They said they had to move onto another job and their time was up. It was obvious that they didn’t manage their time correctly because things were still left undone. They didn’t seem to care that the job was still incomplete. I brought up all the things I was unhappy with, especially the treatment I endured, the money I paid and the fact that they lied and betrayed our trust. | There was no reaction, no apologies, no emotion. Not even a gesture to try and make amends or make things right. Kyle wanted the balance he said we owed and he wanted to move on. After all they put me through and even with the loss of so much money and time, I was relived to see them go. | In the end, I hired a contractor who fixed all the shoddy work they left me with. There were no calls to my work, no harassment, no lost days or excuses, no threats or intimidation, no disrespect. I ended up with a competent beautiful job on my home. Something All American Rebuilds was incapable of providing. | In closing, I’d say do your due diligence carefully. Check references and licenses. Stay far away from this company. They will take you for a ride, treat you like dirt and leave you with nothing. |


Name: All American Rebuilds, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Lake Worth




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