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All Automotive Center All Automotive Pahrump Nevada All Automotive lied and had a scam to hijack business Pahrump, Nevada!!. Several years ago i was living in Pahrump and working in Las Vegas, AND not earning very much money. One day i get into my car and turn the key, and nothing happens. I called AAA and had them send out a tow truck. The tow truck driver tells me the starter is bad. I told him i wanted to go to my normal mechanic, he said “he’s very busy right now, i was just there”. We go to my mechanic, the tow truck driver jumps out , talks to him real quick, and says “yeah, he’s too busy”. The tow truck driver suggested we go to ALL AUTOMOTIVE where they could have my starter replaced in two days. i said “OK”. At ALL AUTOMOTIVE they told me the car would be ready in two days. I rented a car to go to work in Las Vegas. I called ALL AUTOMOTIVE and they told me my car was ready. I go to pick up my car, and i pay $400 with my credit card, i say “thank you”, get my keys and get into my car. I turn the key and nothing happens! I go back into the office and i said “what the hell is going on? my car won’t start?” the guy at ALL AUTOMOTIVE says “if you keep turning the key you will eventually get it start.” I said “what do you mean keep turning the key? i just paid you for a brand new starter!”. Then they tell me the starter won’t get here for another 2 to 7 days! I had to get to work , and i couldn’t rent a car for a week, it was too expensive. As soon as i got my car started, i drove it into Vegas and puchased a new car which i really couldn’t afford, and left my old one at the dealership. ALL AUTOMOTIVE billed me $400 for nothing other then causing me a bunch of problems. The BBB told me i waited too long to report the complaint and if i filed it, they wouldn’t post it.

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