I chose “Dutch” to work on my truck because he was a local businessman who seemed eager to help me get my truck back on the road. The original agreement we made was for him to pick up my block and heads from the local machine shop and assemble the motor and when complete he was to re-install it into my loader truck for a sum of $600. A large portion of my business involves loading and hauling away derbis, not having my truck costs me upwards if $2000 a week. “Dutch” picked up my motor from the machine shop and it hasn’t been seen since. I have paid him about $300 in advances for gas money or whatever he needed it for. It has been about 3 months since he picked up the parts and at this point I just want my motor back so I can install it myself. Every time I call him attempting to get my motor back he says he’ll be here tomorrow or this weekend or “I’ll go load your motor and call you with where to meet me” but he has yet to come through. He refuses to answer my phone calls but in response to my voicemails he will send text messages as if he is afraid to talk to me. At this point I have no idea where my motor is, weather he sold it, lost it, broke it I don’t know I just want it back. please do not make the same mistake i did and trust Mark Dutcher (aka ) Dutch with anything of value….ps he also scratced my moms car and said he would fix it and never did…he also took some hoses off my other truck and now i can’t move or drive that one either…. please stop this guy from ripping people off….

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