All Pages


We received a call in regards to a Past Due Invoice, I asked the representative to fax over the Invoice and I would be glad to pay it. I did not have it in my system and this was the first time I heard about this bill. A couple of days later I received the Invoice from a company called All Pages for the amount of $1096.51 for advertising in there dictionary. Shortly after receiving the invoice we received a call from a very rude paralegal trying to scare us into paying for this bill. We asked if they had a document or an agreement of some sort to see who authorized this purchase. They did not have that information, they explained that we have paid this before and I looked back again at my records and found nothing. I asked them to provide a check number, the date the check was deposited, or the amount of the check so I can also cross reference with my bank, they had nothing. We researched the company and came up with tons of blogs on this company being a scam.

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