All Seasons Pools Review


Very unhappy with the poor communications and very long construction time to build the pool. After 6 plus months we pretty much had a $40K mosquito infested garbage hole in the ground. It looks like an abandoned construction site that the contractors throw their garbage and bottles in. The contractors come for a couple hours a week, and don’t see anyone for 10 days to 2 weeks again. A lot of promises from the scheduler and sales department, but nothing done, very disappointed! Poor quality and attention to detail and sloppy work. They are very quick to take our money, but don’t get any satisfaction of work completed. Very unhappy and would definitely not recommend this pool company. | Update 6/13/2018 – 8 months later we got our pool, but still don’t have final inspection, the pool lights don’t work and they haven’t set up the salt system yet. Also the pool heater isn’t setup yet, partially my fault. | I didn’t know we had to have it hooked up our self. They said to provide the gas, which we did. No mention of us connecting it up. Another $1000 to get a contractor to connect the gas line. | Very poor excuse of a pool company. I’ve contacted and emailed the manager Don Garden and owner James Watts and none of them had the decency to call or email me back. I guess they figure they have all our money now and don’t care. Also, I opted to add the Jandy iAqualink RSP6 Automation system which was another $1850, which they claim gave us at a special price. | So far they managed to screw it up and can’t get all the features working. | Total waste of money. We were so excited to finally get a pool, but it’s been a horrible experience and still unable to enjoy it fully. | Update 7/12/2018 – This afternoon I wanted to go in the pool and found the water level was drastically low well below the skimmer and first step. | Apparently there is a leak and water is losing at least 1″ per hour. I had to immediately turned off the filter to save the pump. Numerous calls and email to All Seasons Pools Service department with no response. Finally got the Emergency line at 7:00pm from a helpful person from the service department named Donald. Hopefully I don’t wake up to a sinkhole or gunite floating in the morning. | Update 7/13/2018 – Well all the water has drained from our pool. I’m hoping that the gunite shell doesn’t pop out, or we get a sink hole where the water drained. Apparently the pool interior contractor poked a hole in the finish that caused the water to drain out. How can you poke a hole in 4″ of concreate?? Obviously a thin layer of concrete and gunite in the shell. They screwed up the job from the beginning. 9 months later and we still don’t have an operating pool. A $40K piece of garbage hole in the ground. I’ll keep everyone updated on the next thing they screw up. | Update 7/14/2018 A pool interiors (Swimming Pool Interiors) person came buy to patch the hole in the pool. Unacceptable method to fix a $40K pool. Advised them it was not acceptable and need to fix the entire interior surface of the pool which had spots, stains, black marks and chips in it.


Name: All Seasons Pools

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Sanford

Address: 185 E Airport Blvd

Phone: 407-871-2020


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