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Complaint: I brought my car back for warrenty repair,my transmission leaks badly and passing gear no longer works.I brought my car in August 29th 2005, they said they will look at it on the 30th,I called on the 30th, they said they will look at on the 31.Well on the 31 they still had no time for my car. on September 6th they said someone was test driving the car that I should call back,But when I was told this I called from my cell phone and my car was in there lot, there was no test drive at that time. 09/07/05 they said my tranny is out and they are working on it. 09/09/05 they said the wrong part has been delivered, that they re-ordered the right part(valve body) but you can come and pick the car up because they fixed the leak.and it is safe to drive. I picked up my car and I noticed when I turned on my radio that all my stations were still set, if you take out a tranny you have to disconnect the battery,when you do that you loose your radio settings,so that told me they never had my transmission out. Anyway I get the car home and the car was leaking transmission fluid badly.I called the owner and told them the car still leaks and the tranny was never out of the car,he said he is not sure what happened?? please bring the car back,he said the new part will be in on 09/13. So that is the day I brought it back, they gave me a promise date of 09/15,well the 15th came and went, the 16th I called and they said the guy that is handling the car has left for the day, please call back on Saturday 09/17,So Saturday morning I called and got the owner he said the guy that takes car of my car went home sick! but your leak is fixed and we will put the valve body first thing Monday morning. 09/19, I called 09/19 and got the guy taking car of my car,and he said we are working on the leaks?? and your car may be ready now 09/21/05 I told him that the owner said the leaks were alreay fixed.he said he must have been mistaken. Well I got my car back on 09/23/05 and guess what the car leaks worse now then ever before. Brought the car back 09/27/05 and they said the tranny needs a new case. that I will get my car back on 09/30/05,well that came and went. I finally got my car back 10/04/05 and so far in 24hrs there is no leaks and passing gear works. but the second time they gave me my car back I wrote down my mileage, and when I got my car back somehow 556 miles was put on my car! Anyway they are the reason why people buy new cars.if they were more honest they would get more business.They had my car for more than a Month,and they would nont give me a car to use. Thanks for reading this. I needed to vent. John Duluth, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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