Allegheny ford truck sales co.


Allegheny ford truck sales co. sold me a truck that wasnt road worthy Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!!. i flew from florida to pittsburgh to drive my used isuzu dump truck back to florida , paid 36000.00 , as soon as i got out of Pennsylvania all finds of lights went of , i was told it was road worthy come to find out it wasnt , and on top of that they sent me on my way with faulty front breaks aswell , i ended up having it hauled to florida for an additional 2500.00 i didnt have , then i took to isuzu dealer to repair and it costed me another 2500 in repairs , i contacted salesman they said they would try to see if they can help in extra cost incurred , i couldnt believe the owner offered me 500 dollars i was disgusted but accepted his offer but guess what , well it never showed up its know 11 months later no help , stay away from this company like the plague

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