Alliance Mutual Escrow Inc Review


Terrible company. I requested the sellers fee sheet on the 20th and they did not send it. Three days later I called to find out what the hold up is, they said they want me to disclose to the borrower and guess what their fees are, then they will send me their fees. They did not send me their fees till the 27th, two weeks after the executed RPA. They listed the transfer tax on the buyers side, even though the RPA clearly states sellers to pay for transfer tax. Laura even argued with me, saying that I did not know how to create a GFE and that I have to disclose the fees the seller pays for to the buyer. Completely false. They caused a major delay in the loan and then cut my pay and used my broker check to pay for the sellers transfer tax fee. I am taking this up the ladder, but wanted to post this to save potential clients from making the mistake of trusting this un ethical company.


Name: Alliance Mutual Escrow Inc

Country: United States

State: California

City: Tustin

Address: 12581 Newport Ave

Phone: 714-544-6525


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