Allianz Travel Insurance Las Vegas Nevada Review


I had to cancel an entire trip three days before flying out due to an illness that put me in the hospital very unexpectantly. My airfare and hotel fees were unrefundable at the time of the scheduled flight. After providing Allianz with everything except my right arm AND waiting week after week, I fianlly get an email that they needed more info from my attending doctor. After another three weeks, I have had enough and call their customer diservice center. I am told that my claim was denied for a pre existing illness…..which i never had…..and that is that!!! I was told I could write up this big long appeal, but as I was on the phone to them, I went to Rip Off report and after quick scanning…I saw that my cause was hopeless…. I thanked him for helping me as far as he could but told him i was basically peeing into the wind and hugn up.

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