Allied Interstate LLC Review


Abusive Robo collections call while being challenged to validate claims. The claim was sold to Allied Interstate by Port Folio Collection agency after it was sent a registered verification letters. When Allied contacted me I responded with a registered Validation letter, but the calls never stop. Approximately 75 t0 100 calls in 45 days before Allied responded to me. I attempted to get Legal assistant but most Lawyers are Debt collector themselves and did not want to bite the hand that feeds them. After about a year trying to get a legal assistant, I filed a Lawsuit myself before the deadline was over to file a claim against Allied. What I got in return was attacks from two firms. | One firm represented Allied and the other for Portfolio who got the claim back and posted collections on my credit report. The two lawyers are working together to do anything possible tp discredit me or my claims. They are too skillful for me, not having Legal training. I am trying to get this in front of a Jury in October but they doing all they can to get me to drop the claim and walk away with nothing. They have destroyed my life, I can’t get work with bad Credit score, a loan, refinance my house, a car loan, credit card and has been turned down on auto Insurance. Without income, I have lost utilities, phone line, Car just to name a few. If my best friend was not taken care of me I would be Homeless!


Name: Allied Interstate LLC

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 335 Madison Avenue, 27th FL

Phone: (800) 811-4214


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