Allstar Asset Management Port richey Florida


Complaint: I was interested in a home through this lady names Stacy who owns Allstar Asset Management. She said as long as I had no evictions on my credit report then I should be good to go. I made enough money and there was only one collection on my credit report which was being paid. She supposedly ran a credit check and claimed to have found two evictions. Well I’m twenty two years old and never lived in the location the evictions were at so I was very concerned my identity was stolen. I made phone calls went to the places the evictions were out and come to find out the woman Stacy did not even do a proper credit check with my social security number. She looked up public files and someone who had the same name had the evictions not me. She had taken my money and lied to me. She refused to admit this and hung up on me. I’m five months pregnant and is trying to get a home for myself and my baby, this woman through this company scammed me. She then told me on the phone that I wasn’t going to be approved regardless of the evictions when that’s not what she had told me. I want to be compensated for this because it’s not right to scam people especially hard working honest people who are currently pregnant and trying to provide a better home for my future child.

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Address: 1727 Coachman Plaza Drive Clearwater, Florida USA



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