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AllStar automotive Let the buyer beware Rocky Hill Connecticut!!. Have I got a story for you Let me start by saying I was a total idiot for trusting this guy. But shoot, I had worked with him for years, so when he gave his blessing on an item, I believed him. I am talking about Joe Fontanna of AllStar Automotive. This started when I bought a used car from him. He told me, very specifically that this car was in perfect working condition. He stated he went over it from headlight to tail light and that theire was nothing wrong with the car. Why wouldn’t I believe him? He had worked on my cars prior and we had a beautiful working relationship. The problems started with the SAAB almost immediately after I bought the vehicle. In the coarse of the 10 months I have had this car. I have used up my AAA for the year-(bought this year) and spent an additional 1000 in repairs (aprox.) It was time to do some investigating on my own. I did not speak up sooner, as I was well aware that this was an older, used car, and could expect this from an older car. My first stop was a car fax report. This report showed 3 owners. I was owner number 3. I did notice that owner number 2 owned the car for a year and nine months and put 35,000 miles on it. Wait, didn’t Joe say he had the car last for just 6 months, and only drove it from home to work and back again? When I bought the car, the cashiers check was made out to Joe Fontanna?At least I know where the bald tires came from. When questioned, Joe denied being the second owner, and told me car fax was wrong. This begged for more investigating. I then took the car to a licensed mechanic in Manchester. The guy didn’t know me, or Joe, and had never seen the car until that day. I asked him to look at the car and give an opinion. He did. The first thing he said was to take the car home, and put a 4 sale sign on it. Why , I asked? Joe told me the car was in perfect condition. This guy begged to differ. 1) The strut mounts were all rotted. 2) The ball joint was bad 3) The car had excessive blowby/oil leaks. 4) All 4 tires were bald I asked him, that given the condition the car is in now, and knowing that I bought it 10 months ago, is there any way these problems could have happened while I had the vehicle, and yet been fine while in Joes possession? I was told-NO way. Strut mounts don’t rot that bad in 10 months, and given their condition I should not have even been driving the car. (Joe told me it was ok to drive the car). RE: Oil leaks and blowby- the oil stains were old, showing that this has been a problem for a while. I then asked if he would consider fixing the car. He siad no, it wasn’t worth it. at least he was honest. He did feel I was over charged and that at least Joe should have given me a list of repairs. Joe did not. Fast forward to today (5/29/12) Joe had the car all day. Instead of making the promised repairs he only fixed 2 items. The strut and the blowby. He said he fixed the blowby by installing a PCV valve. This is fine if that was the problem. It was the easiest fix.If it was the valve and the rings, the car is on it’s way to the junk yard. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. He also fixed the strut on the rear passanger side. Before I brought it to him, I had prices quoted at 150,00 dollars for the work he did. He charged 400.00, of which I owed nothing, because he wanted to “help”me. While waiting for this car, I was repeatedly harrassed by 2 brothers. One of the brothers, the mentally unstable one, said, and I quote” I wish I had a gun so I could shoot you in the face”. I didn’t bring this comment to anyones attention, as the man is mentally unbalanced, and I don’t think I would have been believed. When the car was finally ready I went to Joes desk. He wanted me to sign off on paper work, which, in part, released AllStar from any future liability surrounding the car (remember the ring problem/blowby). I told him no. He then had a fit and said that he had had a man from Hoffman come look at the car, and that the car was in great shape. (*asked for proof- none given) Hoffman says they were never there- 5/29/12 called after I got home. He further told me the guy in manchester was crazy, and even hinted he didn’t exist. Good thing I had a witness. Finally, he told me that if I didn’t sign he would never work on the car again. Do you really believe I would bring the car back, especially after that performance? He must have a very low opinion of me. Well, I was always told to consider the source. Joe also wanted to make sure I knew that the state would do nothing to him, and that he was totally safe. Let the buyer beware- Do not ever do business with Joe Fontanna or AllStar auto.It is a venture that will end in disaster. He is a cheat and a crook. I am on disability and I saved forever for that car, a car I needed for medical appoiuntments,for work, and for basic needs.Add to that the fact I live in a remote area w/out bus service, and yes, I am basically screwed.I can’t even trade the car in for a new one. The dealers I have been to only offer 500.00 Oh, and that 300.00 I still owe you Joe—KISS MY a*s!!

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