Allstate transmission and auto repair


Allstate transmission and auto repair Over priced, dishonest and made car worse than it was desoto Texas!!. I went in on 2/4/2018 after speaking with Rich on the phone regarding my 2000 Chrysler 300M that had a spark plug that had broken in one of the cylinders. He promised to get it diagnosed and call me that day but did not. He called me on 2/5/2018 to advise the spark plug had broken off in the engine block and it would be $671 to repair due to 5hours of labor and a special tool that had to be purchased. My husband and I went up to the shop later that afternoon and spoke with a couple technicians who advised the spark plug was not broken off into the cylinder block but would need to be removed from the cylinder and the cylinder re-threaded and then my spark plug and coil that I brought in brand new could be installed. That was the first time I felt the information being provided to me was not correct. After speaking with the technicians we felt ok with proceeding so I advised to go ahead with the repair. He advised me that it would be completed on 2/6/2018 in the afternoon so we stopped by again to check progress and was told first by Rich that the technician had started only to find out minutes later he had not and we had another conversation with Rich and he assured us the repairs would be completed and that all spark plugs would be checked to ensure there were no other issues. At about 4:00pm on 2/6/2018 he called to say the car was completed. I paid him the $671.51 and drove away only to have the car cut off on me not even a mile away, the car cut off at least 5times and the check engine light came on, still I hadn’t driven over a mile. Before I took my car in to this shop there was not issues with it cutting off so I called and Rich told me to bring it back which I did, Dan the technician hooked up the car to see what would come up and it said the car was misfiring. I took the car in to repair a cylinder and was told all cylinders and spark plugs would be checked with that service so why would I leave and have a misfire and my car cutting off. Dan advised for me to get new spark plugs for the car and he would replace them to see if that resolved the problem. I received a call from Rich on 2/7/2018 stating I would be looking at paying for an additional hour of labor after i just paid for 5 for my car to be in worse condition than it was. I told him that was absurd and that there was no way I would give him any additional money. Then he went on to say that his technician had no right talking to me about my car. How does that make sense that the person who fixed my car was not authorized to speak with me about it. I asked for a refund since his company did not fix my car but instead made it worse. This is unacceptable and if he had truly cared about my satisfaction as a customer he would have done the repair properly and ensured that I was happy and he did not but instead let me leave with my car cutting off and smoke coming from the tailpipe and it was not doing that before I took it in either.

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