Alpha Tech Supply


Tried to charge for toner, we didn’t even talk about that. Then tried to tell me that UPS is/has been holding onto the toner since May 5th, undeliverable. May 3rd I received a call about which printers we have. I asked how to get the bypass try to work correctly, and why after so many copies does the paper come out pink. He said I don’t know I just stand in a warehouse throwing boxes around. Which should have been my first clue. Anyways we hung up, without talking about buying toner. Then a few days later (9th), my boss gets an invoice (91714) for $714.64, and leaves it on my desk. I called to cancel the order for the one toner (841342) and succeeded. He asks me about it. I tell him what happened. He said they are a scam and that nothing was/is going to get delivered, and to report them immediately.

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