AlphaCoin Fund Complaint


AlphaCoin Fund is a Singapore-based fund focused on blockchain startups and crypto-asset investments (by the way, I noticed one mistake in this text on their official website. I corrected it here, in my review, but you can open it and see). *** All of that would be fine if not one thing. I wanted to know not only where exactly they are based (it’s good they provided addresses), not only how big their portfolio is and how successful the companies they invested in, but also what people stand behind the fund. They state that the team has combined over 30-years experience in investments and stuff like that. What? Did they just put it together? What a sneaky way! Next. They also say that the team members come from big corporations located all over the world, but again, how can we believe that if there are no names, no photos, no positions, no bios, nothing at all. Just a text describing how successful their team members are. It’s lame. It’s stupid. How can anyone consider them reliable if they make mistakes in words (it means they haven’t read the texts before or just didn’t have enough money to hire a proofreader, or just don’t care, why not?) and hide their team?

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