AlphaWaveTrader Review


BUYER BEWARE – Alla Peters and her team are complete RipOff Artists, just another | Russian / Ukranian SCAM ARTISTS ! ! ! ! ! | First I paid the $27 USD a month for their Trading Room which was a complete waste of time and not worth it at all, Still Interested I even attended one of their Live Events which was filled with side talk and nothing direct. | So I took the plunge, went all in and purchased their “Mentoring & Trading Room Package” for $7,977.00 for 112 days, BIG MISTAKE. / Alla Peters and her team basically stole my money and now will not return phone calls or correspond with me in any form or fashion. | I’m out of $7,977 USD, in short $8,000 USD if you include my time that I have spent trying to get a REFUND from them to no avail, I’ve come up empty on all occasions. | Let this be a WARNING to all those that may even be fooled, tricked, or hood-winked by / Alla Peters and her team ! | DO NOT WALK, BUT RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION !, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !


Name: AlphaWaveTrader

Country: United States


City: Newport Beach

Address: 2618 San Miguel Drive #298

Phone: 925-257-4298


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