Alpine Chalet Rentals Lenoir North Carolina Review


Called 800 # of Alpine Chalet for Labor Day w/e 2008. Was told the cabin had been re-done and was a pristine cabin for our week end and was the best view, complete with hot tub, rec room . I gave them the credit card on Weds 8/27 for w/e nights of 8/30 and 8/31. They emailed back my confirmation and contract … but my Norton email security intercepted their confirmation … and they said that they would have my contract when I picked up the keys. They did. They had charged my VISA $303.75 for two nights as mentioned above. nI drove to the cabin … and upon entering the door, should have had the sense to turn around then. Grime was all over the front door. The wood floors hadn’t been dusted in months. The INSIDES of the cupboards were so dusty that we had to wash the shelves. The window sills had numerous dead insects lying in them. The carpet going up stairs was filthy. The hot tub did not work. There was a dead roach in a spider web beneath the vanity in the restroom on the main level. There were AT LEAST a dozen dead flies, gnats, and mosquitoes in the bath tub. I was bitten in bed by something and even my wife noticed how red my leg was in that one place (I didn’t get sick or anything like that). On Sunday morning of Labor Day week end, I killed a tick in our bed and a spider in our shower. I knew that I had been scammed. Bait and switch they used to call it. nI went to the desk on Sunday morning and said we are checking out early, and explained to the young lady, all the problems. She said “Okay

have a good day.”” I said I would like credit for tonight because I am not going to stay there. She said our owners must resolve all of these issues. I asked her “”Then can you grant me the credit?”” She said “”We don’t give credit. Those are the terms of your contract.”” My whole issue is that they misrepresented their product. Their cabin was no more pristine than I am an astronaught. I was polite and didn’t even ask the young lady for TWO NIGHTS’ credit … just one night … and she gave me an extremely flippant answer. nSo


I am informing the consuming world of cabin renters to beware. This outfit should consider a name change to SCALPine Rentals. Do not think that all cabin rentals are bad. They are normally fantastic. This particular one was horrible. nJoshnLenoir

North CarolinaU.S.A.”

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