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Run for your life!!!!!! Always Reliable Movers purported themselves to be a legit moving company that was licensed, in speaking with Matthew it was the most pleasant conversation i have ever had with a services company. He agreed to show up with a 3 man team himself being a member of that team, unfortunately 3 very unkempt individuals arrived, only one of whom could speak functioning english. I asked which one was Matthew and the english speaker of the group grunted that he was not here today. I felt slightly uncomfortable about this, however as I was soon to discover this was the least of my nightmares. 8 Hours later I have a broken office desk, i was told by the head wrangler and I quote …. “that my furniture was s***** and this is why it was broke” end quote….. then much to my terror I discovered that my Samsung UHD 4K 3D TV had a broken bezel. I texted Matthew and was given the run around. I furnished him with pictures and expressed my displeasure with his overtly rude foreman named Pete along with an at length conversation about his filthy mouth and extreme lack of customer service skills and self awareness. I also pointed out to him that as a small business owner i understand employee issues, and was therefore hesitant to post a review as it would inevitably be negative. I contacted him again on sunday to explain to him that the TV base was cracked and that the assessment of the damages per samsung for the piece was 650. I very plainly stated to him that either he pay for the damages or I would leave a review outlining the horrible customer service I received. He replied that i was blackmailing him … this was news to me, and additionally that he isnt responsible for damages after 3 days etc etc. My humble advice is to scroll through Yelp close your eyes and click the name of any moving services other than Always not reliable Movers. Im following my complaint up with Paypal, the Better Business Bureau, and The New York Department of Transportation, I will also seek a remedy in court. After doing a search on I couldnt locate a company by this name. After contacting The New York Department of Transportation at (800) 786-5368 this company is neither in their database neither are they licensed which means no coverage for your merchandise. Additionally the dropbox link to the damages can be found here see for yourself Im not one to complain but whats wrong is wrong , and as a human being he should be willing to make restitution for the damages caused by his poorly equipped staff. Moving is stressful enough as it is, you dont need people breaking your items, I suppose you get what you pay for, if I can save one hard working person from experiencing what I went through, then my mission is accomplished. I wish I had followed this guide at this website, it would seem obvious, perhaps it will help you. Im disgusted, and you will be also, if you hire this crew. .

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