Always towing and recovery, inc.


Always towing and recovery, inc. (owner and Steve) Left in the cold with damaged truck milwaukee Wisconsin!!. My truck breaks-down 6:oo am. in single digit temperature along hwy,94 in Milwaukee. Police call for towing and ‘Always towing’ arrives to load me up. My wife, child and myself load in the single passenger seat shaking from a 40 minute wait in the cold, only to find the truck’s heater is not working properly. Officer orders the driver to take us home, so off we go. Ten minutes later we drive to a gas station to fill-up, but the driver is gone for 20 minutes. When he returns the gas gauge reads empty…saying the truck has many things not working properly. Next he says it’s the end of his shift so we are going back in the way we came to the home office. We find ourselves sitting in a cold truck for 30 minutes waiting for the new driver. I enter the office only to be yelled at for comming in. The owner says “My dogs will bite you, so get out of here”. Back in the truck, we over-here the CB radio from the office telling drivers to take us home, though the drivers refuse to take us. Eventually a driver shows up and we take off onlt to be stopped a block away by orders of the owner demanding I pay immediately before continuing. This takes another 15 minutes in the cold truck and being charged for the additional miles ($269.23). An hour later we arrive at my home only to have my truck damaged as the driver slid it off without lowering the towing bed all the way to the ground. When I called the owner to get his insurance phone number he stated he has his own insurance. There is no outside insurance company. He stated he would look into my claim, but never did a thing. Ripoff Scams

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