Am/pm Premium Car Carrier Inc. la mesa California


Complaint: we contracted with them through our new car dealer to deliver a beautiful car to our home in California. Payed a premium to guarantee safe and enclosed transport..worry free experience, fully insured etc. There was a delay, when we called we were informed that during the transport the truck broke down and had to be loaded and unloaded over the course of a night. when it was delivered, my fiance signed off on the car. I returned from work within one hour of delivery. I’m taller than she is and immediately saw the 2 large and deep scars on the roof section. I called them, they said “don’t worry

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Address: thats why we have insurance””. They told me to get an estimate for repair…we did that immediately. Now they refuse to pay for the damage and blame us for the damage…Why would we damage our own car? It is well documented that the roof damage wasn’t there before transport. Beware of this company…. Mayer la mesa

Website: 312-474-1020

Phone: CaliforniaU.S.A.”

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