Amanda Danica Lawson-Ross


I offer support during life’s big events, whether it is a happy occasion, such as a wedding, a difficult one, such as a cancer diagnosis, or one that brings a whole slew of emotions, like retirement. The name Morningstar Milestones stems from my middle name (which means morning star) and my goal to focus on supporting you through your life’s milestones. I am passionate about providing you with a safe space to explore your concerns, problem-solve, learn and grow during momentous times in your life.I specialize in couples counseling, including premarital counseling and LGBTQ+ couples, support during the retirement process, and counseling for cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers. I offer care, support and empathy as you navigate the ups and downs of your life. Having experienced significant life and health events and benefiting from therapeutic support myself, I am passionate about helping others navigate both joyous and difficult times. I offer evidence-based, genuine, empathic counseling and my goal is for you to have a fruitful and positive counseling experience.

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