Amanda Lynn Pickerill Myers Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


My story begins with a little bit of background. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and together for 18 years. We began dating when I was 14 and he was 15. He was a bit of a bad boy and of course what teenage girl doesn’t like that? We have two beautiful children, a boy(7) and a girl(2). As I said he was a bit of a bad boy so he’s always liked to party. When his affair took place we were living at his parents house because of his second DUI. Things weren’t easy there but we were making the best of it when we found out I was pregnant with our daughter. My pregnancy was also high risk due to complications from previous pregnancies. Because of his DUI he was on probation and house arrest for 6 months. He had just started a new job a few months prior to the baby news and was the supervisor, cleaning floors for retail stores. As the supervisor he had to hire his crew and be there for everything. I found it odd that he had started working all these”extra” hours. It was perfectly okay for him to report to his PO for these extra work hours to be in his windows but not for pertinent doctors appointments. He had become distant in the bedroom which had never been an issue in our relationship no matter what was going on. I would try to kiss him or cuddle him and he would tell me not to touch him and make up and excuse as to why. I went to sleep countless nights knowing something was going on and crying myself to sleep. Along with all of this his phone was constantly blowing up. I would ask who was texting and calling all hours of the night and he would say, Amanda, it’s about work. I just knew that it wasn’t and had asked repeatedly and was told they were just friends nothing was going on. I could feel in my soul that he was lying. || Two weeks after my daughter was born I was still asking questions and he was still denying it after I saw texts that said I Love you when I had grabbed his touch screen phone for him bumped the screen and his deletes were still up because he hadn’t hit the ok on the screen. Then I get this text from a random number reading,”Hi, you don’t know me but I work at the store where your husband works for the cleaning company and I just wanted to let you know that he’s got something going on with someone he works with and I think he’s lying to the both of you.” My immediate response was,”Who is this and how did you get my number?” The person said,”I have my ways and here is the girls name and number (Amanda). She’s a very nice person and honest. If you want to know what’s going on then you should call her.” Well I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone, so I texted Amanda at the number given and asked what the deal was. She played it off like nothing was going on they were just friends and she didn’t know what was going on because she was getting texts too. Then I told her I wasn’t stupid and I know a skank when I smell one. From there she began taunting me saying things like wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on? And maybe I should ask him. I confronted my husband who said nothing was going on yet again and he was also getting texts and showed me them. I decided to reverse look up this number and come to find out…. It was the skanks mothers number!!! She was the one sending the texts all along. My husband called her right then and there and flipped out on her cussing her up and down and she put a spin on in and tried to say that I generated that because it wasn’t true. Meanwhile he was there watching the whole time so he knew she was lying. He swore and swore nothing happened and that he was done talking to her and changed his hours around so that he didn’t work in the same stores as her. || The texts had seemed to stop but I was still randomly looking at his phone because I just didn’t trust what he said. He had gotten off house arrest and gone right back to drinking hard. He was coming home and passing out and I would dig his phone out of his pocket unbeknownst to him. I started seeing all these texts about him not wanting to loose his kids but wanting to be with her and running away together and the final nail in the coffin was a text about lingerie he had bought her. He had just recently bought me lingerie but previous to that had never done anything of the sort. I was devastated. I was living at his parents with my two kids because he was the love of my life and he destroyed that all over what? I confronted him again and he said yes I was right. They supposedly never slept together and he hadn’t told me sooner because of my high risk pregnancy. I was ready to leave. That is the worst of all betrayals in my book. We were adding a new addition to our family and it should’ve been a happy time but it was miserable. He begged and pleaded for me not to leave and I stayed because I wanted my kids to have a family. That was 2 years ago. || Recently we had some issues and I had obtained a restraining order and had him put in jail due to his drinking and threatening me and the kids. He decided to get sober and has been for a few months and begged and pleaded to come back home because he had to resort back to his parents house. He started this new job about a month ago traveling for weeks on end. He was home this weekend and we just got new phones. He was having trouble with his apps and I asked to see it because I’m tech savvy and he’s not; he got all weird about it. Also when he was gone due to the restraining order he had just gotten a fb account. He told me when he came back home that she had tried to friend him and he blocked her. I had suggested we both had the same password for our accounts because in any trust worthy relationship that shouldn’t be an issue. He had agreed but last week I was logging on and his info had been saved previously and it came up wrong password. I could just feel it again, something was going on. Well I checked his phone last night after he fell asleep and what do you know? Those two are talking through facebook and she created a fake account just for the sole purpose of talking to him. Conversation was even based around me not finding out if they kept it strictly to facebook. || At the time of the original affair she was separated from her husband and living with her boyfriend and seeing my husband. Now it looks as though she’s divorced and just with her boyfriend. It’s hard to tell because she’s got me blocked but from last look that’s how it appeared and it was maybe a few months ago. But seriously talk about a home wrecking whore. She knew I was pregnant and all. I messaged the boyfriend and he hasn’t seen it yet. My husband is currently traveling back to work and when he calls tonight he will be told his things will be on the porch for him to move in with her. Hell I’ll even drop them off at her place for him!!! Yes she’s a homewrecking tramp but he’s a lying, cheating, bastard and I hope they are miserably happy together. Also, I’d just like to add that I may have put on some weight due to the kids and my medical ailments but at least I still have a beautiful face. YOU CAN’T FIX UGLY!!!!!

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