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Complaint: Business: Amani Cuisine Location of Occurrence: 5150 Spring Mountain Rd; Las Vegas, NV 89146Date of Occurrence: Mar 06, 2016 Website: Facebook: Phone: (909) 997-9255 This review refers to the catering event held by Amani Cuisine in Las Vegas NV on Sunday March 6th , as part of the USA Sevens rugby festivities. I was hesitant to go given my friends experiences at similar events, but decided to go along with an open mind (and an empty stomach) . It turns out, attending this event had to have been the low-light of the weekend, for the following: *Inflated price point: The food served was completely undeserving of the price tag. Amateur cooking at an EXORBITANT price—$25 for a small u201cmoundu201d of ugali, a few pieces of goat meat, and sukuma wiki was nothing short of robbery. It was really really hard not to feel swindled. Not only was the price of the food inflated, the quality was also severely wanting—limp leathery pieces of unchewable goat meat in watery stew, what should have been listed as whole sukuma leaves (did anyone slice them pre-cooking??), and ugali that tasted like it was half cooked in some spots. (Hey, at least it was piping hot! ) The ambience was also terrible (I sat at the bar, on a swivel office chair, while attempting to eat off a counter ), the bathrooms were unsanitary, and the u201cdining/servingu201d area u2013if you can call it that—too dark. Amani may choose to blame the ambience on the dungeon hired to host the event, but when your brand is on the line, you MUST take responsibility for ensuring that all the pieces that form a part of a pleasurable dining experience come together seamlessly. A room with a few tables, chairs (at table-level), proper lighting, music that was a little more muted, while not much, would have sufficed. We couldnu2019t leave fast enough.I fail to comprehend how someone in the food business, who seems to have a decent online front, would let their brand rest on the laurels of such mediocrity. This was amateur hour at its finest. We (Kenyans) always want to support Kenyan business in the diasporau2014in fact, we are often castigated when we opt out of doing so. But when we are constantly hit in the face with such lackluster service, we have no other option but to continue to forfeit those Kenyan brands that continually disappoint us. And, when we refuse to speak up about it, we are not only creating a cycle of self-perpetuating culinary (or otherwise) disasters, we are encouraging it. Amani Cuisine, you can do betteru2014I am hoping you WILL do better. Sincerely, Disappointed Kenyan.

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Address: 5150 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, Nevada USA



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